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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Women’s double standard on strippers

Women have an appalling double standard concerning stripping. Put simply, most females seem to think a man attending a strip show is a dirty old man, a sad looser, a pervert. In contrast, they think that women attending a male strip show are just out to have a good time, are fun-loving, well-adjusted and down-to-earth.

Most of this is due to the trouble-stirring antics of the feminist lobbies. When it comes to a few blokes going to a lap-dancing club, the feminist women go ballistic.
(for example, see: http://washingtontimes.com/upi-breaking/20...10946-2827r.htm )

But females think nothing of denying men and boys privacy when naked. For example, I would like to see a ban on female reporters in male locker rooms. Also female teachers should be kept out of boys changing rooms.

And as for dignity: ever seen men watch a female stripper? They tend to sit there quietly, in polite appreciation. Ever see women watch a male stripper? Aside from the girlish hysteria, laughter and humiliating comments they shout, they now grab the men and even perform oral sex on them.

Just pause a minute to think about that: there are now women - probably many of them wives and mothers - that will grab and suck a stranger's private parts as part of a fun girls night, yet if a man so much as tapped a woman's bottom in the office he'd be treated as the worst thing since Stalin.

I think women are much more easily swept-up into a mob-mentality when it comes to sexual attraction. Think of the way girls have always reacted to popular male singers and bands - think of the female hysteria over the Beatles, Tom Jones, or, more recently, Justin Timberlake. But when do you ever see the equivalent with men going nuts in that way over female singers such as Madonna. You don’t see it.

Although there is a lot more interest from women (or at least some women) in looking at the naked male form, I do not believe it is anywhere near as great as the male interest in the naked female form. A lot of these male strip shows seem to be just as much about the women laughing at the men and somehow bonding with the other women than about genuine appreciation of the man's body. If there was a real demand from women to gaze at naked men then the market to provide magazines etc for them would be far bigger than it is. At the moment, the market for porn for women (showing naked men) is insignificant.

Why is there not a massive market for female porn in the way that there is for male porn?

Even Playgirl - which is supposedly a magazine of naked men for women - is, in the words of the Psychologist Steven Pinker "clearly for gay men. It has no ads for any product a woman would buy, and when a woman gets a subscription as a gag gift she finds herself on mailing lists for gay male pornography and sex toys"

Even those women who are into porn (and I think the number is larger than has previously been assumed) are more likely to enjoy looking at naked women, or couples, or watch a film where there is a storyline.

It doesn't make sense from an evolutionary point of view for the female of the species to be turned on purely by the sight of a man's penis. We know that females and males had to evolve different mating strategies. For example, the optimal strategy for men to have most chance of success in passing on their genes was merely to fuck as many women as possible (there is no limit to the number of kids a man could sire). But the female's best strategy was to go for quality rather than quantity. Quality meaning, in this context, the man most likely to commit to her and protect her etc.

Now, what is programmed into a man's brain is: See bare female form = F**k her.

But if a woman had that same programming (i.e. See naked male = F**k him) then their best interests would be severely compromised. All a man would need to do to get her to sleep with him is to flash his bare body at her.

What is actually happening, and especially with the media’s promotion of the idea that women like looking at naked men, is that many men want to believe that women have the same sort of sexuality as men. To truly get to grips with the feminine sexuality is too boring and weird for most guys.

So I think that most of this "scene" is in fact created and sustained by exhibitionist/submissive males rather than voyeuristic females.

You even actually get many women saying that they find the naked male form either ugly or funny.

And, as I said, even when women do like porn, they seem to have a preference for looking at other naked women, couples, or something with a storyline (like a movie) rather than just photos of the penis, or a lone naked male.

Women are certainly interested by the penis - talk about them, laugh about them etc - but that’s not the same thing as being sexually aroused purely by the sight of seeing a stranger naked.

Also, being sexually aroused by seeing a naked man that she knows or seeing a porn photo of a man and woman, or a porn movie/photo with a storyline maybe common in women, but being aroused purely at the sight of the penis of a naked man who she doesn't know is not.

If it were, then there would be a massive business opportunity that is currently not being exploited. And this can't be because women are scared to purchase porn, because they flock to these strip shows, and shops that sell vibrators.

No. Women not only don’t have much appreciation for the male body, and like to humiliate men over it, they also have a real double standard over stripping. And now I’ve caught them with their pants down over


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